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ENGL 2A: Reading Food, Self and Culture (Leither)

Find Books (Bigger Context)

To find books editored or authored by various experts on your topic, follow these steps:

1. Go to the library homepage and access the "streaming videos/ebooks" tab. 


NOTE: We have hundreds of thousands of ebook titles you can access during COVID-19 closures. When the library re-opens, you can also search for print books, which you access under the "OSCAR" tab in the image above.

2. Enter keywords describing your topic.  For example

  • Ethics AND (advertising OR media)
  • Sports AND (deception* OR ethics)

3. Be sure to note the locations of the book:

  • ARS: The book is in our Automated Retrieval System and you'll need to request it.
  • Main Stacks: The books is on the lower level of the library. Note its call number (address) to locate it.
  • Electronic Resource: It's an ebook that you can access directly online through our book catalog.