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Smithsonian The Bias Inside Us Exhibit

Welcome to the Smithsonian Exhibit at the SCU Library

About the Bias Inside Us exhibit

What is the Exhibit About?

The Bias Inside Us is a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition and community-engagement project aimed at raising awareness about and discussion around the social science and psychology of implicit bias. It's intended to help us explore how bias regarding gender, ability, ethnicity, religion, and race influences the world around us. The Bias Inside Us is grounded in decades of research that has proven bias is part of being human, it's an automatic firing in our brains, and can be both positive and negative.

From March 23 - April 21 at SCU Library, community members are invited to experience this 1,500 square foot exhibit on the first floor of the Learning Commons. Featuring compelling images, hands-on interactives, and powerful testimonials and videos, The Bias Inside Us unpacks and demystifies the concept of bias. The exhibition features six sections: Introduction, The Science of Bias, Bias in Real Life, Serious Consequences—Bias is All Around Us, #RetrainYourBrain, and Personal Reflection. Interactive elements display how implicit and explicit bias shows up in the world and how bias influences systems and policies that affect many people and communities. One interactive experience invites us  to think about how bias is reflected in product design, advertising, architecture, and technology. The exhibition also features Spanish photographer Angélica Dass’ Humanae project, which reflects on the color of skin that challenges the concept of race. In this work, Dass documents humanity’s true colors through portraits, rather than the labels “white,” “red,” “black” and “yellow.” 

Visit the Exhibit

All members of SCU and the public are welcome to experience this self-guided exhibit for free from March 23 - April 21, 2024. 

The exhibition is meant for everyone, including local K-12 communities and especially 11 - 25 year olds.

We invite you to explore the Educator Activities & Lessons (left) and to incorporate the exhibit into your classes.

To visit the exhibit, check the SCU Library website for our daily hours. For parking at SCU, find information here. 

After Your Visit

The Smithsonian has an online version of the exhibit that is free to access and includes interactive elements. 

Revisit these materials to deepen your learning or share with your community!