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Smithsonian The Bias Inside Us Exhibit

Implicit Bias Test

Project Implicit: Harvard

The Implicit Association Test (IAT) measures attitudes and beliefs that people may be unwilling or unable to report. The IAT may be especially interesting if it shows that you have an implicit attitude that you did not know about. For example, you may believe that women and men should be equally associated with science, but your automatic associations could show that you (like many others) associate men with science more than you associate women with science.

Project Implicit

Available, free implicit association tests include:

Skin-tone Age Native American Arab-Muslim
Weight Race Gender-Career Religion
Disability Gender-Science Jewish Transgender
Sexuality Hispanic Asian Weapons

Outsmarting Implicit Bias

Outsmarting Implicit Bias (OIB) disseminates science-based education to individuals and institutions searching for a way to understand and accurately teach about the science of implicit bias. There are six guided-learning units as well as standalone reusable modules (videos, podcasts, articles, interactives), including:

Gender in Negotiation The Attractiveness Halo Effect
Bias in Healthcare Race Bias in Hiring
What Sentence Would You Give? Watch for the Anchoring Bias Hear Me Out: Accent Bias
Strooped! Should You Trust Your Vision?