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ENGL 181: Engineering Communications

What every engineering student needs to know to do research and writing for ENGL 181--whether it is for a class project or for your senior design theses. Learn to do research by applying the engineering design process.

RefWorks Citation Manager

Good citation examples

These examples are good because the writers consistently followed a citation management style.  For those references that were websites, there was enough descriptive information so that if the URL ended up as a broken link, a reader had enough information to do a search and probably locate the new link.

The second and third list of references were good as there were numbered references in the text of the thesis so the reader could see where the information was applied in the project.  The first thesis highlighted the publication titles in the text of the report by using italics...not as precise as the others, but acceptable. 

Not-so-good citation examples

Both of these examples use websites as all or mostly all their references.  It is better to use information from a variety of sources--lends more credibility to your work.  The first example did not follow any citation management listed the titles of websites and the URLs.  Also, there is a citation from Wikipedia.  The references in a Wikipedia article are usually more useful than the article itself--as the "open" editorial process of Wikipedia does not make it a scholarly source.

Citing Your Sources - Video

Write-n-Cite or Install RefWorks Citation Manager into Word (or use the Google Docs Add-on)

NOTE:  To utilize the Write-n-Cite add-on to either Google Docs or Word, make sure you 1st register for your RefWorks account. For directions on using RefWorks, check out the RefWorks Guide.

Using Images in Your Work

Engineering Citation Guides