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ENGL 181: Engineering Communications

What every engineering student needs to know to do research and writing for ENGL 181--whether it is for a class project or for your senior design theses. Learn to do research by applying the engineering design process.

Step 1 - The Engineering Design Process: Identify Problem or Need

engineering design process - 1. Identify problem or need. 2. Define requirements & constraints. 3. Brainstorm solutions. 4. Evaluate solutions. 5. Design & build prototype. 6. Evaluate & test prototype. 7. Communicate results.

Use the Engineering Design Process from Start to Finish for your Class Project and/or Senior Design Theses

Step 1. Identify problem or need.

For this class: I need to do RESEARCH for my class project and/or senior design thesis.

Engineering and Social Justice

Engineering and Social Justice - More Resources

Foundations of Social Justice for Engineers - ASEE Presentation