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Academic Integrity

Resources and information about academic integrity.

Resources for Students - Overview

You Are Not Alone!

Santa Clara University offers a number of academic and stress/mental health resources. Please review the information below to find options for tutoring, counseling, and other forms of support. 

Emergency Numbers

Academic Expectations for Students

"Adhering to the standards of Academic Integrity is an important way that members of the SCU community demonstrate their commitment to academic and personal excellence. Students should make sure they are clear about the standards for each class, since expectations for proper citation and the amount of collaboration allowed may vary by department, instructor, and assignment. When in doubt, ask your professor." - Santa Clara University, Academic Integrity - Students

Academic Integrity and Student Expectations Resources

Academic Resources at SCU

Academic Support for Students

Santa Clara offers a number of tutoring, mentoring, writing, and other academic services for students. Browse the list below for more information about how SCU can meet your academic needs.

Stress and Mental Health Resources at SCU

Mental Health Support for Students

Stress, anxiety, food insecurity, and other factors can impact a student's ability to perform their best academically. Santa Clara offers a number of support services to address these issues. Please click on the links below for more information about how SCU can support your mental health.