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Academic Integrity

Resources and information about academic integrity.

Resources for Faculty

Cultivating Cultures of Academic Integrity

The International Center for Academic Integrity envisions academic integrity as "cultivating cultures integrity." There are a number of strategies that faculty can engage to support the development of cultures of integrity.


In addition to including the academic integrity pledge on the syllabus, integrate ongoing discussion of academic integrity. This might include:

1) Sharing why academic integrity is important to you and your work as an academic.

2) Broadening student understanding of academic integrity by contextualizing ethical practices. Familiarizing students with the concept of academic integrity is an opportunity to connect to the ethical principles and guidelines they will encounter in their professional lives. A sample of professional codes of conduct is available here.  

3) Talking about academic integrity more than once and asking students to re-commit to academic integrity throughout the quarter. For example, asking students to reflect on and commit to academic integrity before an exam is highlighted by the Notre Dame center

Assignment Design and Assessment

Revising assignment and assessment design can be effective ways to support cultures of integrity. A number of resources at SCU are available to support this. 

Connect Students to Resources

Connecting students to academic and wellness resources across campus can support students in managing stressors that may lead to academic dishonesty. Resources available to students are available here

Copyright and Course Sharing Websites

Removing Your Materials From Course Sharing Websites

If your materials have been posted on one of these sites without your permission, you can request that the materials be removed. Most course sharing websites have online forms to request the removal of materials. Direct links to some of these forms are listed below:

Brock University provides useful templates for requesting materials be removed from both Canadian and US Websites on their Faculty-owned Materials page

Academic Integrity at SCU

Resources specific to academic integrity at SCU. 

Further Reading- Academic Integrity

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