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The Environmental Justice and Sustainability Research Toolbox


About this Module Roadmap

As sustainability has blossomed across the curriculum at Santa Clara University, we have created a digital, multimodal, and interdisciplinary toolbox as a resources for faculty on campus and beyond. The Environmental Justice and Sustainability Research Toolbox includes resource for faculty to incorporate different research methods and paradigms into their courses. The toolbox features ten modules focused on mixed methods -- the integration of qualitative and quantitative methodologies -- for sustainability and environmental justice research across the curriculum. Each of the ten modules is informed by a set of learning outcomes; a resource list with key scholarly sources, such as books, chapters, articles, and multimedia content; online discussion prompt(s); and sample assignments or activities to be developed and modified by instructors.

Future additions may include video recordings of mini-lectures, as well as conversations with researchers or community-engaged practitioners from the local communities or outside SCU. These conversations will center on their approach to research design, the ethics and epistemologies that guide their methodologies, and lessons learned from their past applied research.

This toolbox was made possible by funding from a SCU Teaching and Technology Innovation Grant; we thank SCU Faculty Collaborative for Teaching Innovation for its support. In the spirit of sustainability, justice and innovation, as well as community, the toolbox is an ongoing collaboration and creation that is open and most welcoming of your comments and contributions:


Chris Bacon, Environmental Studies and Sciences

Jesica Siham Fernández, Ethnic Studies

C.J. Gabbe, Environmental Studies and Sciences

Laura Nichols, Sociology

Last Updated: June 13, 2022