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The Environmental Justice and Sustainability Research Toolbox

Module 6: Content Analysis, Archival Research, and Coding Software

Key Topics in Engage in Module:

  1. Content analysis
  2. Archival research and using archives
  3. Coding software

Module Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand key steps in conducting in content analysis.
  • Learn how to engage in archival research through the Archives & Special Collections resources at the SCU Library.
  • Learn how archival research can complement other research methods.
  • Understand the different types of coding software.

Module Details

Ideas for In-class Activities & Assignments

Research Archival Research Guide:

Individual Assignment on Archival Research:

  • Read the article "Sisterhood & Scholarship While Black". Write how you could model the author's approach by connecting archival data that would help you explore your own positionality and an issue that you care about.

Team Assignment:

  • Case study of how climate change is covered in mainstream newspapers. Read this summary article about changes over time. Read the academic article by Boykoff et al. showing the research of trends over time. Find 10 articles that mention climate change in 3 local/regional newspapers (look for ones published in the last two weeks). Use the five categories in the Boykoff et al. article to count the number of climate change articles per publication and quickly clarify coverage. Discuss these results in the context of the article, and assess the broader work of the Media and Climate Change Observatory.