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HIST 54/154: Modern India (Brillman)

Scholarly Articles

How to Search the Databases:

To conduct a search, enter keyword(s) describing your topic. Use the connectors such as AND between your keywords or enter keywords in different search boxes.  For example if you are interested in women during the British Raj, you could enter the following search terms:

Searching terms "British Raj" OR "British India" conducted in the database Historical Abstracts Full Text

Use quotation marks for a phrase.  Example:  "British Raj".

​You can use synonyms or related terms to describe your topic.  For example, "British Raj" or "British India"  in the search above.

You can also use an asterisk (*) at the end of a word to retrieve various endings.  For example, India* would retrieve Indian as well as India.

When you look at your list of results in the database, if the full-text of an article is not readily available click on the FIND IT AT SCU icon to see if it's available in another database or in print in the library. 

Finding Scholarly Articles

The reason you look for scholarly articles is to find out what other scholars have said about your topic.  Because this is a history class, you want to find articles with a historical perspective.  Your best bet is to use the database Historical Abstracts to find articles published in history journals. However, depending on your topic, you might also want to use other multidisciplinary databases that include articles from journals in other disciplines (humanities in general, political science, sociology, etc.).  

Start with the databases below: