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ANTH 185: Latin America in the News

Anthropology Databases

Picking a Set of Information—or Database—to Search

Each individual database listed below holds a specific set of information relevant to anthropological studies.

These databases are paid for by SCU Library.

Using one of these databases to search for articles saves you time and energy because you won't have to wade through as many irrelevant results as if you used Google Scholar or another tool open on the web.

Instructions for Searching

Construct your search using a combination of words that represent similar concepts and words that represent an intersecting concept.

In the example below, femicide is a synonym for the concept of violence against women, and that is combined with a geographic indicator, mexico or "latin america."

Put quotes around phrases so the search engine looks just that specific order of the words.

How to Get Articles

How to Get Articles 

Once you find articles that interest you, you can mark them and email the citations/abstracts to yourself.

To obtain the full article, click the “Find It @ SCU”  or “Link” button. A new window opens to provide available choices in this order:

1. Links to full-text if we have journal online

2. Link to OSCAR (catalog) record if we have journal only in print (this is extremely rare in the sciences--most journals are electronic!)

3. Link to Interlibrary Loan if we do not have journal. Log into your account, the form will auto-fill, submit, and the article pdf will be emailed to you in a few days. (If you don't have an Interlibrary Loan account, there are options to create your account.)

You can also search for article titles in Google Scholar (Google > "More" tab, upper left  >  Google Scholar). If you are on-campus, look for the  “Find It @ SCU”link.

Find It @ SCU