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ANTH/PHSC 135: Human Development and Sexuality

This course guide was created to support ANTH/PHSC 135.


In-Class Activity

Step 1: Explore

In this part of the exercise, you will spend about 15 minutes EXPLORING broad topics of interest. This is where you do your background reading. At the end of this step, you will choose ONE broad topic to focus on for Step 2. You can also take a look at your class readings or take a look at the "Selected Ebooks" for some inspiration.

Example Broad Topics:

  • Cultural implications of same-sex marriage
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Sex education
  • Gender based violence
  • Gender roles

Background Searching:

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Step 2

Step 2: Identify

In this step, you will have formed a team of 3-4 like-minded individuals. Spend 15 minutes with your group and IDENTIFY a focused topic by completing the research exercise activity. Your group can refer to the readings in class or conduct some basic searching through the library. This is where you narrow down or adapt your topic. Open the link to the Google Drive below. Your team will choose one of the document to edit. Don't forget to write down everyone's names. Before moving onto Step 3, download a copy for yourself. Please do not overwrite other groups' document.

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Step 3

Step 3: Collaborate

Now that your group has been "formalized", spend the remainder of class conducting a focused search in the literature. Use the databases (FINDING ARTICLES) in the research guide. Each person should find at 1 source and evaluate it based on it's relevance to the group's topic.