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HIST 11A/12A: Slavery and Unfreedom (Gudgeirsson)

This course guide was created to support HIST 11A for Dr. Meg Eppel Gudgeirsson. If you have any questions about this guide, please contact Anna Yang at

How to Search the Databases

When you are starting your initial search, use keywords that best describes your topic.  Use the connector "AND" between your keywords or enter keywords in different search boxes. For example if you are interested in religious motivations of the British abolitionists, you could do a search like this:

search interface with keywords abolitionis* and england or britain and religion or moral

You can use synonyms or related terms to describe your topics.  For example, "religion or moral"  in the search above.

You can also use an asterisk at the end of a word to retrieve various endings.  For example, abolitionis* would retrieve abolitionist and abolitionists, as well as abolitionism.

When you look at your list of results in the database, If the full-text of an article is not readily available, click on the FIND IT @ SCU LIBRAIRES icon to see if it's available in another database or in print in the library.  If it's not you will have the option of using the Interlibrary Loan Service.  It's free and very fast!

Suggested Database

History Databases:
Social Sciences Databases:
Multidisciplinary Databases: