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HIST 11A/12A: Slavery and Unfreedom (Gudgeirsson)

This course guide was created to support HIST 11A for Dr. Meg Eppel Gudgeirsson. If you have any questions about this guide, please contact Anna Yang at


Selecting a Topic of Interest by 100YearOldLibrarian

In-Class Activity: The Game of Research

In today's class, you will be going on an adventure with your classmates! Using The Game of Research game board, you will complete each task on the card and fill out this google form

  • Read the task on each card, carefully.
  • Complete the Google Form. Anna will respond to every single submissions with feedback and suggestions for research.
  • When you are at a Pit Stop, complete that task in order to move on. If you are not checking in with the librarian or the faculty, then you cannot move on.
  • When you have completed your research journey (get to the "Finish" line), please come spend the wheel for a prize!