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U.S. from 1980 to the present


Getting a Feel for the Period

 There is nothing like watching a documentary that uses archival footage to get a feel for a specific period in U.S. History.   Below are two examples:  Ronald Reagan: the Life and Legacy and The Last One:  Unfolding the AIDS Memorial Quilt.  You can find many more documentaries on KANOPY, a database of streaming videos.

HIST 176: Celebrity and Politics

"Many contemporary commentators argue that we are living in an extremely divided and partisan time. But how did we get here? Arguably, this division can find its roots with the beginning of the Age of Reagan, which has lasted through at least 2008. Our course .... will examine the impact of the impact of New Conservatism, the Cold War’s end, the rise of globalism, and the post 9/11 era [and]l discuss and explore issues of poverty, foreign relations, politics, race, gender, and what it means to be an American in the twenty-first century." (from the syllabus)

This guide is designed to help you find resources for your research paper.   You will learn how to find and evaluate secondary sources (books and scholarly articles), as well as primary sources related to your specific topic.  




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