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HIST 83/184 - North America: Peoples & Lands (Wigmore)

Using OSCAR to Find Maps

You can use OSCAR to find books that contain maps and maps themselves.

OSCAR is the catalog for Santa Clara University. It tells you everything the library owns or subscribes to, including books that contain maps and maps themselves. It also gives you a physical item's location in the library, or for digital items, the link to access it.

You can use the advanced search to limit to a specific location in the library, like Archives & Special Collections or the Maps Collection (located in the lower level).


When searching OSCAR or other library catalogs for books that contain maps, you will need to combine search terms that indicate cartographic material along with keywords that describe you topic, historical period, geographical location, noteable people, etc. Here are some terms you can try combining with with your other keywords:

  • atlas
  • geograph*      (the * acts as a wildcard and finds any ending of the word)
  • map*
  • "[cartographic material]"     (make sure to put it in quotes)



On the other hand, if you are searching the Map Collection in OSCAR, you do not need to use these types of keywords because the search is already limited to the map format.

Library of Congress Maps Online

Library of Congress Map Collections: 1597 -1988
Leads to many scanned images of historical maps in the library's collections in the following categories:

Where to Find Historical Maps

Graphic Chart of San Francisco 1875