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ENGL 2A: Communities & Rhetorics (Tremblay-McGaw)

Communities and Rhetorics

Welcome to the ENGL 2A Library Guide for Communities & Rhetorics

Workshop Goals Today

Welcome! This library workshop will help you find information for your investigative research essay. Information is packaged in many different forms, depending on the purpose of the creator and the intended audience. For your essay, you'll need to assess the fit between your information need and the type of sources you find. You also need to consider the value of the information you find, as a commodity, as a means of education, as a means of influence, or simply as a means to understand the world.  


In the library workshop, you will have the opportunity to:


1. Practice strategies for narrowing a research topic into a research question

2. Distinguish a range of different source types

3. Analyze a range of potential sources for your topic

4. Continue developing competence in navigating library databases

I also recommend exploring "How to Learn with the Library" (to the left) to get familiar with all of our services and resources offered not only this quarter, but always!