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Industry Research

Best Sources for Trade Knowledge

A trade publication (often a magazine) is an information source that is intended for a very specific audience and will have content that appeals to that audience. The content may come directly from people within the industry, or it may come from freelance or staff writers that have vast experiences writing for that particular trade.

Professionals often subscribe to trade magazines (examples: Automation World, Adweek) in order to gather valuable information that will help them achieve something within their industry or field. 

Trade publications are a Marketer's secret weapon and can be helpful for tracking recent industry developments, identifying competitors or market opportunities, or even finding industry conferences or "trade shows" where the experts are gathering. Use these resources to find and investigate trade publications:

Trade Association Lists & Insights

Trade associations are often a valuable source of industry information. Many trade associations collect statistics and other data. Use these resources to find associations relevant to your industry (example: "Wind Solar Alliance"):