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Frequently Asked Questions

***** Please email us at for assistance with depositing work into the repository. If you have not deposited work before, you will need to fill out the Deposit Agreement and submit your CV. We will research publishers' copyrights to determine what version of your work we are allowed to deposit.

How do I determine if I have copyright permission to deposit my work in Scholar Commons?

You don't need to do anything. Library staff will conduct all work related to getting copyright permissions. 

Are there fees to deposit my works?

This is a free service.

How long will my works remain in Scholar Commons?

Your work will remain in Scholar Commons for perpetuity, unless you specify a time restriction or withdraw your work(s).

Can I get usage data to see how often my publications are accessed?

You will receive a monthly usage report via email. You can also go into Scholar Commons and check usage data for your publications at any time. 

Do I need to fill out any paperwork to deposit my publications in Scholar Commons?

Yes, you need to fill out the non-exclusive Scholar Commons Deposit Agreement

What version of my paper can go into Scholar Commons?

This depends upon the copyright terms of your publication. If you retain copyright, the post-print version will be available. In other cases, the version is determined by the publisher. Some publishers allow post-prints while others permit a pre-print version. For some articles, Scholar Commons cannot include any version, but can link to the full-text at the publisher's website.

Does Scholar Commons have anything similar to Google Scholar or LinkedIn Profile?

The Selected Works page allows you to highlight your work in one location.

What is included in my profile?

Your profile includes biographical information, featured works, and a list of your research publications.

Do you provide funding for publishing in OA journals?

Scholar Commons does not provide funding for publishing in Open Access journals. Santa Clara University does provide some funds for open access publishing via the Provost Publication Grant process.

What kinds of items are eligible for Scholar Commons?

Books, academic journal articles, conference presentations, conference poster sessions, theses, dissertations, student research (with faculty approval), instructional resources, and university archival material are all candidates for inclusion in Scholar Commons.

If I have deposited my works in a subject repository such as SSRN, can I also put them in Scholar Commons or vice versa?

Scholar Commons is a non-exclusive repository. The works in Scholar Commons can be freely deposited in other repositories. Likewise, works deposited in subject repositories can also be deposited in Scholar Commons.