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Scholar Commons Guide

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Benefits of Joining Scholar Commons

There are multiple benefits to depositing your work in Scholar Commons. These include:

  • Increased discovery and citation impact. Your work will be accessible through Google and other search engines worldwide, providing visibility to audiences of researchers and readers.
  • Persistent access. Your work will have a stable and permanent URL. This URL can be safely copied and pasted into documents or emails pointing to your work.
  • Make yourself immortal. Your work will not disappear like it might in some subject repositories.
  • Easy archiving. Scholar Commons provides a simple way to ensure permanent and centralized storage and discovery of your work, without the need for you to do system maintenance or worry about technological barriers.
  • Social justice. Your work can reach people in the U.S. and other countries who cannot afford to pay for access to research, particularly in the global south. This ties in strongly with Jesuit ideals and the mission of Santa Clara.
  • Highlight your expertise. Scholar Commons offers a "Selected Works" page which you can customize to highlight your knowledge.
  • Library staff do the work. They handle copyright permissions, upload the articles, etc. All you need to do is sign the Scholar Commons Deposit Agreement and send us your CV.
  • Your research is mostly open access. Under some copyright conditions, the record will provide only citations, abstracts, and links to publishers.