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Transformative Agreements

Here you will find information about SCU's transformative agreements, agreements that allow SCU-affiliated authors to publish Open Access articles at no cost

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Participating journals

76 Hybrid and Fully OA journals. Excludes AAS + 17 Hybrid Society Titles 

What is the cost to the author?

No cost. Note: a very small number of journals have page charges and/or color image charges, and these will remain payable by the corresponding author.

Publishing workflow

Article Submission

Author submits manuscript to an eligible journal.
Identification IOP automatically identifies article and informs corresponding author or inclusion
Agree CC-BY Author agrees to open access via CC-BY license
Publication If accepted for publication, article will be published open access under the agreement

Who can publish?

Corresponding authors who are current staff members, researchers (permanent, temporary and/or visiting), and students at an institution within the agreement at the time of submission. IOP's publicationsystem should automatically identify corresponding authors submitting from Santa Clara University.

Which article types qualify?

Primary research (including research papers, special issue articles, letters & review articles) accepted during the term of the license.