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Transformative Agreements

Here you will find information about SCU's transformative agreements, agreements that allow SCU-affiliated authors to publish Open Access articles at no cost

What is a Transformative Agreement?

Transformative agreements aim to shift payment from libraries to publishers, moving away from subscription-based reading and towards open access publishing. Also called Read-and-Publish or Publish-and Read agreements, transformative agreements are those between a publisher and an individual library, library system, or library consortium. Principles of transformative agreements include:

  • cost-shifting towards publishing
  • retention of author copyright
  • transparency of terms
  • a focus on transitioning from payment to read to payment to publish
  • cost neutrality or cost reduction compared to subscription-based reading

Transformative Agreements at Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University Library seeks to partner with a diverse range of publishers in our commitment to supporting open access publishing through transformative agreements. Signing agreements with academic societies and publishers demonstrates our dedication to making scholarly research widely accessible. By supporting these emerging models, we aim to foster an open access publishing ecosystem through library consortium collective action and direct support to academic societies to advance the dissemination of knowledge. Through these transformative agreements, we are helping to shape a future where research is freely available, empowering our faculty and students to make significant contributions to their fields while promoting equity and inclusivity in scholarly communication.

Active Agreements

Santa Clara University is proud to partner with the academic societies and publishers below to provide no-cost Open Access publishing to SCU-affiliated authors in associated publications. Please see the linked pages for more information about each agreement, including an overview of the Open Access publishing workflow, included journal titles, notes about cost/eligibility, and links to additional resources.


Active Transformative Agreements

Click a publisher below to learn more about the terms of the agreement:

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