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Transformative Agreements

Here you will find information about SCU's transformative agreements, agreements that allow SCU-affiliated authors to publish Open Access articles at no cost

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Participating Journals

Wiley Fully OA Journals (+/-336)
Wiley Hybrid titles (+/-1316)

Exclusions: Hindawi Journals (260)

What is the cost to the author?

For the 2024-2026 shared agreement:

  • No cost for non Grant funded authors; full APC is covered by the agreement.
  • For grant-funded corresponding offers, a $1000 discount is applied to the APC to be paid by grant funds.

Publishing Workflow

The author journey for the 2024-2026 agreement has changed for Grant Funded Authors and we are working with the publisher to get updated author journey instructions. 

Who Can Publish?

A corresponding author who is a researcher, professor, adjunct faculty member, lecturer, graduate or undergraduate at a participating institution.

Which Article types qualify?

Original Research and Review articles will qualify. This pilot is testing Wiley's new article classification schema which has been designed to include the full range and diversity of original research across the disciplines. Original research has been defined to include 13 article types which were identified through a year of standardization work with editors across all 1400+ journals. 

Original Research Article Types and Description

Article Type Description
Research Article Reports of original research, with methods, findings and conclusions.
Review Article Overview of developments in fields or the current lines of thought. Synthesizes multiple sources of information and has long list of references. Emphasis is more factual and less on opinion.
Commentary Expert opinion from one or more people (who may agree or disagree) on a published work, current understanding/status of an area, or how practice should be undertaken. Generally with references.
Short Communication Brief observations and research reports in a concise format.
Case Study Detailed report or presentation of the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of an individual patient or selected disease indications. Usually describes an unusual or novel occurrence or has substantial learning value for readers.
Technical Note Extensions or updates to previously published research, reporting additional controls; projects that did not yield publishable results but represent valuable information regarding protocol and data collection; additions to established tools, experimental or computational methods; description of a database; null results and orphan data; data management plans; description of a specific development, technique or procedure, or a modification of an existing technique, procedure or device; new algorithm or computational method, new experimental method, improved version of an experimental protocol or computational approach, new implementation of an existing algorithm…
Education Educational piece that explains a subject, method or current thinking to enable others to understand and/or use it. Does not present new research/findings. May also elicit reflection or test knowledge or thinking, and be linked to professional certification
Data Article Detailed description of a dataset and its creation, with the data included in machine-readable format, that enables others to make use of the data. No research done with the data is included.
Lecture Transcript or summary of a speech given at a conference, symposium, workshop or similar, usually an invited speech, given by a recognized expert, an award winner, or elected society officer.
Method and Protocol Procedural method in the design and implementation of an experiment or study
Perspective Personal opinion on a topic, often with a novel/imaginative approach to a provocative question, with an engaging though rigorous investigation that enhances the understanding of the subject, including new developments, and moderate referencing
Practice and Policy Public statement of what a representative group of experts agree to be evidence-based and state-of-the-art knowledge on an aspect of practice/policy.
Rapid Publication Report of a key new research finding that needs/merits fast dissemination, and so is expedited.