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A Guide to Santa Clara University Digital Collections

A brief guide to the university's digitized archival holdings

Navigating & Searching SCU Digital Collections - A Quick Tutorial

Searching the Santa Clara Student Newspapers

The Santa Clara Student Newspaper collection is drawn from microfilm copies of The Santa Clara, SCU’s student newspaper. The issues run from 1922, when the newspaper began, through 2013. Later issues are available in PDF form in our repository, Scholar Commons, and on the The Santa Clara website.

The default view lists all issues in chronological order, from earliest (February 27th, 1922) to latest (May 23rd, 2013). Each page of the student newspaper contains a transcript. The transcript allows for full-text searching of The Santa Clara. For example, if we perform an advanced search for the phrase “Charlie Graham Club,” we get 105 results:

Image shows list of newspaper results.

When we click on a specific issue from our search results, we are taken to that issue’s item-level page. On this page, we can view which individual pages of the issue include our phrase. Our phrase is also highlighted in the issue:

Image shows highlighted keywords in newspapers.

By clicking the “Filtered” button, we can view only the pages that include our phrase:

Image shows filtered newspaper results.

Please note that the transcripts have been generated automatically using OCR technology. OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is the process of converting images of text into text that is able to be manipulated by the computer. During this process, the computer translates the “picture” of the text into text that can be read by word processing functions. The quality depends upon the age and ornate-ness of the text; if the text in the printed version is difficult to read, the computer may not identify the letters correctly. Because of this, we encourage users to thoroughly search through their results to find the information they are looking for.