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RSOC 9: Ways of Understanding Religion (Wright)

Finding Background Info

You can use the sources below to explore ideas and topics at the beginning or your research process, and you can use them throughout the process to quickly learn about a topic, event, phenomenon, or proper name you encounter during your research process.

Most encyclopedias and dictionaries that provide background information are not scholarly in that they are not long sources and do not contain works cited, but they are more credible than finding information on the internet.

Also, some of the sources below are very specialized to your research projects and field work, so they may present topics and ideas you had not considered, but are important for the rhetoric of your project.

Pew Research Center

The Pew Research Center has a great portal on religion that communicates poll results from studies conducted by the Center.


Encyclopedias are a great way to find a topic that interests you by browsing, and they are a great way to brush up on basic details about a topic in a venue other than Wikipedia.

If the window below does not load, enter the Sage Encyclopedia of Religion in America directly.

Book Chapters

Keyword combinations


Use the syntax examples below to construct a simple search in OSCAR, or break them out onto separate lines and use other limiters in an advanced search.

religion and global

religion and america

religion and women

(name of country) and (name of religion)

(name of country/region i.e. "global south") and religion

(concept i.e. family) and religion

Limit to ebooks

Lots of diverse and specific books on all sorts of intersectional topics