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Library Service Quality Survey (LibQUAL+): What You Liked 2014

What You Like

What You Liked Most: From Comments

  • group study rooms
  • good environment for studying
  • interlibrary loan / document delivery
  • beautiful facility
  • research help

What You Liked Most: By Group

  • Undergraduate Students:
    • a comfortable and inviting location
    • employees who are consistently courteous
  • Graduate Students:
    • making electronic resources accessible from my home or office
    • employees who are consistently courteous
  • Faculty:
    • employees who are consistently courteous
    • employees who instill confidence in users
  • Staff:
    • willingness to help users
    • employees who are consistently courteous
Note: from quantitative results only.

Comments from the Survey

The library services and the environment to study are so good that during exam week it gets filled up completely -- graduate student

The library and the services you provide is one of the greatest things about SCU.  Exceptional facility, professional services and assistance.  I've never been on a campus where the library is a destination for the students; the variety of types of spaces and the various uses to which that space is put encourage usage -- faculty member

I have always found the library service at SCU to be of very high quality and the staff, even student workers, are friendly and professional. I really take the service for granted to do my work--and I shouldn't! I feel you do an outstanding job! -- faculty member

The library is great- keep up the good work.  I utilized services a lot more while I was an undergrad, but you consistently provide great services even as a staff member. -- staff member

Very good environment for studies. Inspirational and motivating. -- graduate student

I love the library! its how I get all my As. -- undergraduate student

It is a beautiful facility and I enjoy coming here to study frequently! -- graduate student

The research librarians are an incredibly helpful resource that I will continue to utilize. They are always friendly and answer all of my questions to the best of their ability. -- undergraduate student