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ENGL 122AW / WGST 134AW: Film, Gender, and Sexuality (Nanda): Exercise

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Can You Find These Books and Articles?

The citations below were found in the bibliography or list of references at the end of other articles on Toni Morrison's works.  Can you locate the full text of these articles?  Use the "Find Journals and Magazines" link or the OSCAR link on the left in the Quick LInks box to get started.

1. Cummings, Kate. "Reclaiming the Mother('s) Tongue: Beloved, Ceremony, Mothers and Shadows." College English 52.5 (1990): 552-69.

2. Demetrakopoulos, Stephanie A. "Maternal Bonds as Devourers of Women's Individuation in Toni Morrison's Beloved." African American Review 26.1 (1992): 51-59.

3. Rody, Caroline. "Toni Morrison's Beloved: History, 'Rememory,' and a 'Clamor for a Kiss'." American Literary History 7.1 (1995): 92-119.

4. Adams, Rachel.  "The Black Look and 'the Spectacle of Whitefolks':  Wildness in Toni Morrison's Beloved."  In Skin Deep, Spirit Strong:  The Black Female Body, edited by Kimberly Wallace Sanders, 153-181.  Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2002.