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History 122 - The Holocaust: Images, Films, Music

Image Databases / Internet Sources

There ARE many great collections of images available over the internet, more each day. Libraries, scholarly institutes, museums, governments, and universities worldwide are creating high quality collections of primary sources with YOU in mind. Finding those may require a little more effort, time and thought than a simple quick-and-dirty Google search. But, it will probably be worth it. Tools are tips are listed below each tool. They are more-or-less in descending order of relevance, but scan the list with your specific need in mind. Don't be too quick to judge a collection here. Some are challenging but there is an incredible array of images in these collections. With some patience and persistence you could find something here that you'd never find through a Google search.

Print Images to Scan

While there are many, too many, images related to the Holocaust that can be downloaded from the internet, you can sometimes find images more easily in books. In other words, you might more easily find "the perfect image for your purpose" by browsing a book. Once you know what you want, though, you might be able to find the exact image online anyway. In addition to the specific sources listed below, many of the Encyclopedias listed in the Reference section of this guide include rare and very high quality images. Be sure to look at those!

Feature Films & Documentaries

There are too many feature films and documentaries related to the Holocaust to list here! The library owns dozens and more are available through LINK+

We have a 2-volume bibliography of Holocaust films from the 1930s until about 2004 if you want to see what exists out there, The Holocaust Film Sourcebook , and an electronic book,Historical Dictionary of Holocaust Cinema.  You can keyword search the descriptions of the films in the e-book to identify potentially relevant films!

To access dozens of documentaries on the Holocaust available as streaming videos, use the database KANOPY, and just do a search on "Holocaust". 

You can  also identify DVDs we own that might be of use to you for your project by doing an Advanced search in the catalog, OSCAR, following the pattern pictured below. Setting the Material Type to VIDEO MAT'L is critical! Of course, if you know the name of the film, you can find it through a simple Title search.


Library CDs & Streaming Music Databases