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History 122 - The Holocaust: April 20, 2021 Activities

Searching Techniques

Choose a database or databases to search:

  • Use the Scholarly Articles tab to choose databases
  • Above the search boxes, click on "choose databases" to search multiple databases at once


Construct/Compose a logical beginning search by:

  • Deciding on the simplest, clearest terms for each concept/idea inherent in your research topic; and, then
  • Connecting the ideas with AND; and, then
  • Separating synonyms with OR; and, then
  • Truncating to pick up word variants; and, then
  • Enclosing any phrases in quotations.

For example the search pictured below is looking for material on Christian attitudes toward Jews in Germany:


Revise your first search by:

  • Scrutinizing your search results looking for additional or better terms; and
  • Being especially attentive to the words appearing the Subject fields; and
  • Making logical use of the Boolean OR; and
  • Perhaps, limiting major concepts to the Subject field search (assuming you saw these words/phrases used as Subjects).

Using the example above, I would change my search like this:


Efficiently sort through your results by:

  • Collecting relevant citations using tools (folders) of the database; and, then
  • Emailing yourself formatted citations; and, always
  • Utilizing the Find-It-@-SCU link to locate additional fulltext.

April 20th Activity

Post your two permalinks and a couple of sentences explaining why you chose these two items. At the very end then, tell me what you want to look for next. 

Be sure to include your name at the very top along with your current research question.

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