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History 122 - The Holocaust: Home

Holocaust Remembrance Candle

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History 122 - The Holocaust

Hist 122 examines the persecution and mass murder of Jews in Nazi Germany and in Nazi-occupied Europe from 1933 to 1945.  

This online research guide provides access to a wealth of resources useful for researching the holocaust.  It will help you locate background information,  books, and scholarly articles for your research paper.  It also includes a wealth of primary sources (images, testimonies,  documents, etc)

Holocaust Documentary

For more streaming documentaries about the Holocaust, go to the database KANOPY and just do a search on Holocaust.  


This guide was originally designed by librarian Gail Gradowski for an English 107 course focusing on the life stories of Holocaust survivors.  With Gail's permission, I modified and/or added certain sections to meet the research needs of students in Hist 122, especially in terms of secondary sources.   Almost all primary sources listed on the guide were collected by Gail.