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History 122 - The Holocaust: Scholarly Articles

A Scholarly Article:

1. Is written by a scholar in the field for a scholarly journal;

2.Has been through a scholarly referee process to be evaluated by experts in the field;

3. Is aimed at a specialized audience and uses the jargon of the discipline;

4. Includes documentation in the form of notes, footnotes, and bibliography;

5.Is usually pretty long (a two-page article is not likely to be a scholarly one)

How to Recognize a Scholarly Journal

Best Databases for the Holocaust

How to Search

How to Search the Databases:

Just enter keywords describing your topic.  Use the connector AND between your keywords or enter keywords in different search boxes.    For example if you are interested in the ways various groups of people resisted the Holocaust, you can try this search:

You can use synonyms or related terms to describe your topics.  For example, "resistance or underground movements" in the search above.

You can also use an asterisk at the end of a word to retrieve various endings.  For example, resist* would retrieve resistance as well as resisters.

When you look at your list of results in the database, If the full-text of an article is not readily available i, click on the FIND IT AT SCU icon to see if it's available in another database or in print in the library.