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WGST 50: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (Montgomery)

This course guide is designed to help you conduct research in the field of Women's and Gender Studies

Start Here

Use the following databases to find overview articles on your topic from a variety of reference sources.  

Find Books on Your Topic

To find books on your topic, follow these steps:

  • Go to OSCAR, the library catalog, (available from the library home page at
  • Enter keywords describing your topic.  For example if you are interested in the topic of sexual violence against women in times of war, you can try:
    Sexual violence and war
    Sex* and violence and war
    Gender and violence and war

    (an asterisk at the end of a keyword will retrieve various endings of the word (for example "sex" and "sexual")
  • Be sure to check the locations of the books in OSCAR. Some books are located in the ARS (Automated Retrieval System) and you need to request them, some others are in the stacks on the lower level of the library.
  • If you are interested in a book and you cannot find it in OSCAR, use LINK+ to request it from another library.  It takes only a few days to get it!