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WGST 50: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (Montgomery)

This course guide is designed to help you conduct research in the field of Women's and Gender Studies

Critical Reviews of the Novel

To find more reviews/articles about the novel, use the following database.  Just do a seaerch on:

The Underground Railroad and Colson Whitehead

Searching on the Web

A Google search using the keywords Slavery and Objectification brought back this article?

Is this a scholarly article?  Why?  Or why not?

Commodification of the Black Body, Sexual Objectification and Social Hierarchies during Slavery

Doing Research on Slavery and Women

To find research articles on the topic of women and slavery in America, use the following databases:

Feminist Studies on Slavery

Slavery, Sexuality, and Religion (The Feminist Sexual Ethics Project, Brandeis University) (web site)

Darlene Clark Hine. “Female Slave Resistance: The Economics of Sex.” In Black Women in American History. Vol 2. Ed. Darlene Clark Hine. Brooklyn: Carlson, 1990, 657–666. First published in The Western Journal of Black Studies 3 (1979) 123–127. (book chapter)

Herbert G. Gutman “Marital and Sexual Norms Among Slave Women.” In Black Women in American History. Vol 2. Ed. Darlene Clark Hine. Brooklyn: Carlson, 1990, 545–557. (book chapter)

More than Chattel:  Black Women and Slavery in the Americas (e-book)

Gender and Slave Emancipation in the Atlantic World (book)

Demonic Grounds:  Black Women and the Cartographies of Struggle (e-book)

Enslaved Women and the Art of Resistance in Antebellum America (book)

Ar'N't I A Woman? :  Female Slaves in the Plantation South  (book)

Gendered Resistance: Women, Slavery, and the Legacy of Margaret Garner (e-book)

Women and Slavery in America:  A Documentary History