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WGST 50: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (Montgomery): Images and Films

Films and Documentaries

To find films and documentaries on your topic, use KANOPY, a database of streaming videos.  KANOPY makes it easy for you to create film clips you can use in your presentations. 

Crediting Images


Oakland Women's March, Oakland, CA.  Credit:  Flicker user Jar [0]:

Always provide the source of the images you use.  If you post an image on a public website, make sure you have the right to do so.  Most images are copyrighted and their use is restricted.  However, many images are in the public domain or created under the "creative commons" license and can be shared freely.  

Finding Images You Can Use

To find images for your project, try the following database.  Remember to always include the credits for the image.  

AP Images
A collection of over 500,000 photos from the Associated Press, featuring state, regional and national photos from North America, as well as international photos, some dating back as far as 1844.

Wikipedia Commons


To find images you can freely use on Google, follow these steps.

  • Enter keywords describing what you are looking for
  • Click on the IMAGES tab at the top.
  • Click on the SETTINGS tab and select "Advanced Search"
  • Scroll down.  Under USAGE RIGHTS, select "Free to Use or Share"


For more image sources, consult our LibGuide on "Images you can use for educational purposes".