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HIST 72/172: The Civil War Era (Gudgeirsson)

An online research guide designed to help students in Hist 172 find resources for their research paper

Find Scholarly Articles on Your Topic

Scholarly Articles

The main database for scholarly articles in American history is:

America: History and Life: This database provides abstracts of journal articles about US and Canadian history from worldwide periodicals. It also includes citations to books and abstracts of dissertations.


The following databases could also help you depending on your topic:

Provides full-text online access to back issues of selected scholarly journals in history, economics, political science, demography, mathematics and other fields of the humanities and social sciences. Be aware that the current issues (current 2 or 3 years) are not included.

Women's Studies International
The ultimate women's studies resource!  Includes over 540,000 records drawn from a variety of essential women's studies databases and journals.

Oxford African American Studies Center
Provides access to more than 7,500 articles focusing on African American history and culture. The articles come from major reference sources and are written by leading scholars in the field. Also includes some primary sources, images, and maps.

Black Studies Center
Fully cross-searchable gateway to Black studies including scholarly essays, recent periodicals, historical newspaper articles, and much more.

Tips for Searching America: History & Life

Many library databases will present you with this general structure for Advanced Searching. The idea is to use a box for each component idea in your research topic. If, for example, you wanted to find articles about nursing during the Civil War, you would use 2 boxes like this:

The * picks up variations in the word, nurse, nurses, nursing. Could be critical!

In addition to scholarly journal articles, you could get dissertations, reviews of books, even some more popular history magazines. And, there are even some sources back into the late 19th century!