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HIST 72/172: The Civil War Era (Gudgeirsson)

An online research guide designed to help students in Hist 172 find resources for their research paper

Activity Instructions

Step 1: Search for and browse background information.

Post your topic in the subject of your Padlet post and an excerpt of helpful background information you consulted in the body.

Use the encyclopedias or online exhibits in the Home Tab for this portion.


Step 2: Gather academic secondary sources

Post the title of the article or book in the subject of your Padlet post and attach the permalink or link to the book's record in OSCAR.

Use the Scholarly Articles tab or the Books Tab to search for academic secondary sources.


Step 3: Browse or search for a primary source and post it on the Padlet.

Use a database listed on the Primary Sources tab or one of your own choosing from own outside, and identify an incredible primary source to share. Bonus points if you directly upload the file in your Padlet post rather than linking.


Step 4: Scroll to expose the right side of the Padlet.

Share your reflection: what's still unclear? What's one thing you learned?


Step 5 (Optional): React to the primary sources others have posted

Browse the primary sources others have posted on the Padlet, and upvote your favorites/downvote your least favorites.


Special Book Contingent:

A scouting squad will complete a special mission to the open stacks to retrieve books on at least five classmates' topics. Consult the class Padlet. Use the instructions in the Books tab to identify books in OSCAR, the Library's catalog.


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