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Social Justice in Libraries


Welcome to the online home of our Social Justice in the Library training. 

On the following pages, you'll find materials from Workshop One, Asynchronous Work to be completed before Workshop Two, and the materials we developed from Workshop Two. 

The work we do on refining the definition of Social Justice Library will be found in the Defining Social Justice Library tab. 

I'm excited to move forward with you all on this process, and I want to thank you all for your patience and willingness to work through difficult concepts. You all should be proud of the work we have already started!

Conversation Agreements

Below are the conversation agreements we developed during our May 3rd workshop. Keep these in mind during our Social Justice in Libraries training. 

  • Raise your hand
  • Don't interrupt
  • Move Up, Move Back (Formerly Move Up, Move Up)
    • If you tend to be quieter, try to move up into a speaking role. 
    • If you tend to speak a lot, try to move back into a listening role.
  • No side convos
  • Acknowledge the difference between intent and impact (formerly intent =/= impact)