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Get Started on Your Research Project

This guide is designed to help you find the best resources

for your  individual research project:

  • Get basic information on the film you selected
  • Find  books and articles on the  topic you want to research
  • Find in-depth reviews of the film
  • Learn how to write an annotated bibliography




To find books available at SCU, I should use:
EBSCO Host: 5 votes (11.9%)
Academic Search Complete: 10 votes (23.81%)
OSCAR: 22 votes (52.38%)
I have no idea: 5 votes (11.9%)
Total Votes: 42
If I want to find an overview of my topic, or some background information to help me narrow it down, I can use:
A book: 0 votes (0%)
Wikipedia: 24 votes (58.54%)
An encyclopedia or another reference book: 9 votes (21.95%)
A journal article: 8 votes (19.51%)
Total Votes: 41
Which one of these statements does not describe a scholarly article?
It's written by an expert in the field: 0 votes (0%)
It is peer-reviewed: 4 votes (10.81%)
It is usually pretty long: 20 votes (54.05%)
It is published in magazines: 13 votes (35.14%)
Total Votes: 37
If I am searching a database and I want to use multiple synonyms to describe an idea, I should :
Use the "OR" connector: 15 votes (40.54%)
Use the "AND" connector: 20 votes (54.05%)
Do multiple searches: 2 votes (5.41%)
Total Votes: 37
Which one of the following article on the film "Minority Report" is a scholarly article?
Minority Report: Narrative, Images, and Dead Women: 27 votes (58.7%)
And Eye for an Eye: 2 votes (4.35%)
Both are scholarly: 17 votes (36.96%)
Total Votes: 46

Library Instruction Worksheet


You will complete this worksheet during the library instruction session.

Make sure to click on the box to get a copy of your answer.

Need More Help?

If you need more help, don't hesitate to contact me:

Helene Lafrance
Reference Librarian