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ENGL 2A: Science, Ethics, and Society (Nanda): What is a Scholarly Article?

What is a scholarly article?

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A Scholarly Article:

1. Is written by a scholar in the field for a scholarly journal

2. Has been through a scholarly referee process to be evaluated by experts in the field

3. Is aimed at a specialized audience and uses the jargon of the discipline

4. Includes documentation in the form of notes, footnotes, and bibliography

5. Is usually pretty long.  (A two-page article is not likely to be a scholarly one.)

Exercise 1

After you watch the short video on "What Is a Scholarly Article?" take  a look at the following articles:

1) Shoud We Fear Supersmart Robots?

2) Risk Management Standards and the Active Management of Malicious Intent in Artificial Superintelligence

Once you have browsed through the articles, answer the questions on "Exercise 1: Recognizing a Scholarly Article," which you will find in Module 5 in the Camino site for this course.  These questions will help you determine if these are scholarly articles.