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Resources on the Italian-American Experience : SCU Archives

A guide to sources for researching the history of Italian-Americans in the United States

Italian Influence at Santa Clara

Group Portrait with Reverend Father Bayma, S.J.

Father Bayma, S.J. was a talented mathematician, scientist, and philosopher from Italy who taught at Santa Clara College during the early days of the school.

The Italian Gardens

The Italian influence on Santa Clara College could be seen in the arbor of vinyards Fr. Bayma designed and planted in the Mission Gardens in the early days of Santa Clara College.

Mrs. Ella Pellerano Boitano

Mrs. Ella Pellerano Boitano was a member of the early Italian-American Pellerano Family, an early settler family to the Santa Clara Valley. The family papers can be consulted in the SCU Archives.

Italian Jesuits at Santa Clara College

There are several books written about the history of the Italian Jesuits and the Italian community in Santa Clara. Use the links below to locate these books at SCU Library.

SCU Italian American Archival Collections

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Archives Visit Resources

A selection of archival materials related to the Italian American Experience class have been digitized and are available below. The materials have been organized into four different general topics:

Anti-Catholic Sentiment

  1. La Raspa - I Gesuiti scacciati e ricevuti [ITALIAN]
  2. La Raspa - Apparizione misteriosa in Vienna [ITALIAN]
  3. "See, Where His Grace Stands 'Tween Two Clergymen!" (Cartoon and accompanying article)
  4. The Vision of Loyola -- Our New Board of Education (Cartoon and accompanying article)

Father Nobili and the Founding of Santa Clara College

  1. Biographical Sketch of the Reverend Father Nobili, S.J.
  2. Document transferring possession of Mission Santa Clara to John Nobili S.J.
  3. Nobili Letter Re: Disappearance of Son
  4. “My little college begins to enlarge”: Father Nobili to Father DeSmet
  5. De la Pena to Nobili 3 [ITALIAN]

The Pellerano Family Papers

  1. Finding Aid for the Pellerano Family Papers
  2. Nicholas Pellerano School composition: "San Jose"
  3. Photograph of Business Classroom in Commercial Building, 1890 (we could surmise that Pellerano is in this picture, or that these are his classmates)
  4. 1890-1891 Course Catalog (listing Nicholas Pellerano as a student and describing early life at the college)
  5. La Banca D'Italia from Gl'Italiani in California (F870 I8 P3 1911) [ITALIAN]

Italia dall'A alla Z (Italy from A to Z) by Vincenzo Fraschetti (alphabet book for Italian children living abroad)

  1. OSCAR record for the book (provides important metadata and clues about the book's origin, purpose, and attributes)
  2. PDF of Selections of the book (covers, title pages, illustrations and poems of select letters)
  3. D for Duce poem [ITALIAN]
  4. E for Emigrante poem [ITALIAN]
  5. G for Genova poem [ITALIAN]
  6. M for Radio Marconi poem [ITALIAN]
  7. T for Tripoli poem [ITALIAN]
  8. U for Uva poem [ITALIAN]


Finding More Primary Sources Online

We have scanned over 50,000 items in the SCU Digital Collections! You can search for and download digitized archival items to use in your Omeka project.