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ENGL 1A / CTW-1 Headlines (Leuner)

Print Newspapers

In addition to browsing the news apps you can set-up through the library, sometimes it's really nice to read a good old fashioned paper.

Visit the SCU Library Help Desk to read today's print paper (New York Times, San Jose Mercury News, and San Francisco Chronicle).

Older issues of the papers listed above in addition to several more newspaper titles are available in the lower level of the library.

Browsing in Library Databases

Access World News

Scroll down to the button People. A drop-down of many names will appear—certainly some of these people could be considered heroes or antiheroes.

Screenshot From These Magazines

Cut and paste screenshots from the magazines in this digital newstand to your zine.

Accessing through the Library

Access this resource online:

This resource offers two access options:

  • Anonymous Access: Valid for 24 hours, no registration is required
  • Authenticated Access: Valid for 72 hours, requires registration using Google, Apple, Facebook, or your e-mail address. Access is applied to the account used to login and can be used off-campus/off-network once authenticated through the library's access link. After 72 hours, re-authenticate by accessing the above link and logging in again.

Please consider reviewing the Bay Area News Group Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.