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ENGL 1A / CTW-1 Headlines (Leuner)


"Heroes" (3751563336)


Audio Antihero

Hero Headlines

Defying Her Sport's Logic, A Tennis Prodigy Emerges
Serena Williams Is Making Sister Rivalry One-Sided
The defenders
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Send Off Serena Williams

Hero Worship

How do we talk about heroes in the immortal print?

Guiding questions:

  • What words and parts of speech are used to describe the hero? Does the headline actually use the word hero or antihero?
  • How succinct or long is the headline? Is this a successful stylistic and rhetorical strategy?
  • What does the headline look like on the digital screen or paper page? Long, short, attractive font, different sizes, colors? Describe it as if you were looking at a graphic that doesn't contain words; look at it as if it not something to read, but whose aesthetic attributes you are evaluating.