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ENGL 1A / CTW-1 Headlines (Leuner)

Research Databases

Online Research Databases Through SCU Library

The following online databases are good sources for finding articles about works of literature and various types of popular media.

Use your search skills learned in this class in any one of these databases.


Use OSCAR to find books


OSCAR, the Library's Catalog

OSCAR is the Library's catalog and it tells you the books the SCU Library owns or subscribes to (physical and virtual), in addition to many other material types. You can use it to find books on your topic by doing a keyword search, or for known titles and authors.


Search for ebooks easily

Use the Streaming Videos/Ebooks tab on the library's website to search only ebooks.

Markers of Authority and Objectivity for Evaluating Websites and Newspaper, Magazine, & Journal Articles

Authority: What is the author's expertise (education, professional experience), which particularly qualifies him or her to write on this topic? What, if any, institutional affiliation does the author have? Has the author published widely on this specific topic? Is this person considered an authority on the topic? The publication can be another marker of Authority: What kind of publication (blog, newspaper, magazine, scholarly journal, etc.) is the article published in? Is it a well-reputed publication?

Objectivity: Does the author, publication, or institution have a particular point of view in relation to this topic? Does the author make an effort to present a balanced point of view in order to account for bias? Are there data or statistics used in the article? Where did the data/stats come from? Is there a funding source named for the research?