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Library Undergraduate Research Award

Submission Requirements

Two Easy Steps:

  • First, fill out the online application form available on this page. It includes a 500- to 750-word reflective essay about the research process, the resources used, and what you learned along the way about research. As an alternative, you may submit a research log if you completed one when you worked on the project or paper.
  • Then, send the following materials to the review committee:
    • The final version of the project: for example, a PDF version of a paper or a link to a digital project (must be in English so reviewers can read it)
    • A complete bibliography of your sources if they are not included in the paper/project.
    • A short letter of recommendation from a faculty member should be sent directly to Andrew Carlos. The Library Research Award Rubric on the side of this page provides some guidelines.


Please send materials to Andrew Carlos with the subject line "Undergraduate Research Award."