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Police Reform Ideas

"..... and justice for all"


Trayvon Martin (1995 -  2012)

The following list is not exhaustive. It highlights different types of reforms that cities and counties are enacting. 


Justice Department Finds Civil Rights Violations by the Minneapolis Police Department and the City of Minneapolis (6/16/2023)

U.S. Conference of Mayors Announces Winners of 2023 Police Reform and Equitable Justice Grants (6/4/2023)

Justice Department Announces Major Milestones Achieved in Policing Reform Efforts for the City of Albuquerque and Albuquerque Police Department (4/12/2023)

Minneapolis and State Agree to Revamp Policing Post-George Floyd Murder (3/31/2023)

Pittsburgh Police OK New Contract, as City and Union Avoid Arbitration Fight (3/8/2023)

How Police Traffic Stops May Change After Tyre Nichols’ Death (2/11/2023)


8 Common Traffic Violations no Longer Warrant a Police Stop in Philly (3/3/2022)


Police Reform: LAPD New Diversion Effort will send Minor Offenders to Treatment Instead of Jail (6/16/2021)

LA's 'Turbocharged' Year of Police Reform After George Floyd's Murder: What's Next? (5/25/2021)

How Cities Are Addressing Police Reform (California Cities - 5/14/2021)

Berkeley, California, To End Traffic Stops By Cops For Low-Level Offenses (2/24/2021)


Police Unions Spent Millions to Beat Back Reform in Los Angeles. They Lost Big Time. (11/14/2020)

Seattle City Council Rebalances 2020 Budget, Passes Initial Police Department Cuts (8/11/2020)

Minneapolis City Council Votes to Abolish Police Force (6/26/2020)
This was a unanimous decision of the Council. Voters will have the final say in November 2020.

Mayor John Tory Tabling Motion on Toronto Police Reform in Wake of Calls to Defund Service (6/25/2020)
(Toronto, Canada) Tory’s motion calls for the city manager to “develop alternative models of community safety response,” including the creation of non-police response to calls that don’t involve violence or weapons, such as incidents involving a person suffering a mental health crises.

Tacoma Police Chief to Ban Chokeholds, Require Officers to Intervene in Excessive Force (6/16/2020)
The new policies are meant to get the 325-member department in adherence with “8 Can’t Wait,” a campaign aimed at police reform.

Atlanta Mayor Signing Orders to Reform Police Use of Force (6/15/2020)

The City That Really Did Abolish the Police (6/12/2020)

Louisville City Council Bans No-Knock Warrants After Breonna Taylor's Death (6/11/2020)

San Francisco Police will No Longer Respond to Non-Criminal Calls (6/12/2020)
San Francisco police will stop responding to neighbor disputes, reports on homeless people, school discipline interventions, and other non-criminal activities as part of a police reform plan the mayor announced.

Council Unanimously Passes Emergency Police and Justice Reform Measure (6/10/2020 - Washington DC)
Emergency laws are effective for 90 days. They sometimes buy time in order to pass more long-term legislation.

In the Wake of George Floyd's Death, Halifax Council Cancels Plans to Buy Armoured Vehicle (6/9/2020)
(Halifax, Canada) Council votes to nix $368K purchase and instead spend money on diversity office, anti-racism programs.

Kansas City Mayor Announces Police Reforms, Pardons Man Who Videotaped Incident That Led To Charges Against Officers (6/5/2020)
Mayor Quinton Lucas announced a series of police reforms, including whistleblower protections, independent review of officer-involved shootings, and use of body cameras by police officers.