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Police Reform Ideas

" ..... and justice for all"


Ahmaud Arbery (1995 - 2020)

The following list is not exhaustive. It highlights different types of reforms that states are enacting. A more comprehensive list is available on Wikipedia, though most of the entries are from 2020.


Policing Reform Has Been a Major State Policy Trend in 2021 (4/8/2021)

Pritzker Signs Sweeping Police Reform, Criminal Justice Bill, Despite Opposition from Law Enforcement (Illinois - 2/22/2021)


California to Ban Chokeholds, Independently Review Police Shootings Under Newly Signed Laws (9/30/2020)

Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity (Colorado - June, 2020)
According to the Denver Post, the law bans chokeholds, requires body-worn cameras, eliminates qualified immunity, etc.

Iowa Governor Signs Police Reform Bill that was Passed in One Day (6/12/2020)
Limits chokeholds, bans hiring of police officers convicted of a felony or misconduct, allows attorney general to prosecute officers if their actions resulted in the death of another person.

Safer NY Act (6/12/2020)
This is a package of 10 bills.

  • Bans the use of police chokeholds
  • Ends law known as 50-A which shielded police disciplinary records from scrutiny.
  • Empowers the state attorney general to become the independent prosecutor when police kill unarmed civilians
  • Mandates that all state police officers be supplied with body cameras
  • OCA-STAT Act Report requires courts to compile and publish racial and other demographic data on all low-level offenses and requires police departments to submit annual reports on arrest-related deaths

New York Governor - Executive Order No. 203: New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative (6/12/2020)
Requires local police departments to develop reform plans with community input and enshrine them into local law by April 1, 2021 or risk losing state funding.